Different experience with luxury hotel Ubud

The options of a happy stay include the option of including other adventures that are provided by the hotel itself and one doesn’t have to look around to find the right kind of travel company or local helpers to provide information of what all activities are available around the place.

luxury hotel ubud

One can experience the luxury hotel ubud at the Chedi Club Tanah Gajah that offers a new and different experience. In general terms the purification ceremony takes place in the Pejena which is Hidden within the tropical jungle with a ride of almost 20 minutes from the location of the resort, the ceremony allows the guests to immerse in an authentic Balinese ceremony to clean the spirit with cleansing rituals mentioned in the local ancient books that wash away the bad spirits and purifies the body and soul of a person.  The process requires a guest to leave the resort at 7:00 in the morning and reach the Pucak Manik temple for an idyllic walk around the temple with a Balinese priest before the actual ceremony could take place. Once the ceremony is over the guests can choose to visit the ancient site of Garba Cave to immerse in the pure ambience before going back to the resort. It is an experience that one must have while visiting Bali. The price of this ceremony is around IDR 650,000 per person with a requirement to have a minimum of two people per booking and it is advised to have an advanced reservation of the same.