Paid-to-click businesses are one of the business income growth strategies employed by many by many business owners, groups, and private business individual to extend to their valued customers with a little amount of expenditure. Neobux is a popular name among other types of paid-to-click businesses that pays their members or customers anytime they click on advertisements or visit sponsored website within a range of 12 seconds. The income gotten by continuous clicking on ads is little when you compare it with the income gotten from daily routine job of 9-6. You can maximize your income in Neobux by completing tasks, and surveys. There are other means of increasing your income.

Source of money generation in Neobux

The referral system

Apart from the tasks and surveys, another means to increase your income in Neobux is through referral system. Referral system is the process of telling people about the benefits of this business, convincing them to join you. This is usually achieved by sending your referral link to them on different platforms usually the social networks such as Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and others. There are many people who wants to watch advertisement with the little amount of money they have; referring them gives you a percentage of they have. Nevertheless, this usually depends on the kind of membership you have with Neobux.


Two major types of Neobux referral system

They two major types of referral system in Neobux are:

  • The bought referrals (20% referral).
  • The direct referral (from convincing people).

The merits associated with Neobux

  • Neobux paid-to-click buisness is not a scam.
  • Neobux pays at the right time.
  • There is a$2 minimum cash out.

The demerits of Neobux

The demerits of Neobux include:

  • Income is generally low
  • There is limit on direct referrals
  • Rented referrals are bot in nature.


It has been proven by many that investing in Neobux is totally a waste of time and money as the income is poor compared to the invested time and energy. The highest amount you can earn a day is $0.0006. The referrals are also bot in nature.