How charity organizations work?

Charity organizations are non profit service with a primary motive of helping people for their social well-being. Charities can be done in the form of helping people to upgrade their poor state. It can be done to

  • Get relief from poverty
  • To educate people in need
  • To help in saving the life in medical terms
  • Helping with human rights

These are few charity help done by people. They can even help those who are alone and need someone to hear what they talk. Charity is not the only term that makes everyone to help with the source of money. It can be in the form of care and affection towards the people those who are in need. Individuals usually do charity without demanding anyone from their side. They do not expect anyone to accompany them in service, if anyone is volunteer then they can join. Likewise there are even many CSR who work with the organization and do charity works. Doctor dr ganesh ramalingam is one of the CSR person who is clearly responsible for charity works along with his profession as a head surgeon.

As a doctor he is more concerned about his patient and their well being, He works for the people to recover from their state and get well soon. He is one of the top surgeons in helping people. He has done a lot as a surgeon to save people life. He is more satisfied just by helping people in health terms. He also wants to help those in need. So he started a charity organization to help every unfortunate around Singapore.