Marriage and commitment are no longer a rite of passage for many. It really has no place in the minds of many people. It could be because of the terrible relationships people have been witness to. Today, relationships are determined by how often you go on dates with the same person. Exclusivity is no longer a factor and this has propelled the dating scene to change considerably. The dating sites are getting more people involved in them because getting someone who shares the same interests has become hard. Gay dating is not any different and today you will find many people using gay dating sites as well as the gay dating app to meet new people.

Maintaining relationships is difficult

The demands of life have made it difficult for people to actually maintain relationships for a long period. The less busy partner will always complain of neglect and this pushes the busy partner to seek temporary relations just to fulfil a need. After all, if the basis of a relationship is sexual gratification, you can easily get that when you use the gay dating app to meet someone who is also seeking sex and not a relationship.

Trust abuse

Many people have gone through different relationships and chances are those ended because of abuse of trust. Some people have been burnt so many times that they are not ready to put their hearts on the line again. They prefer temporary agreements based on need fulfilment that will be beneficial to both parties.


Well, if you have no one who will complain when you go out on dates with different people, why not just do it. The fact that the gay dating app gives you the opportunity to explore your options is good enough for you to use it. After all, you never know, you just might meet the perfect person who will make your going on dates with different people history.

Interest in variety

Some people would rather enjoy life today with different people than settling with one person. It is more like looking for someone to make up for the flaws of the other person since no one is perfect. This is a choice many people make especially when they feel they still have the stamina to handle many relationships or dates rather than being confined in a relationship with one person.