The three types of estimates in moving

Everyone once in their life has moved for between cities or houses. This is the worst feeling as you have to leave the past and move forward. The worst part is also the fact that you have to carry the huge luggagefrom the old place to the new ones. This is a hectic task to do.

However, in the present, the Umzug Basel isn’tmuch of a tedious task to do. There have been various, moving companies who have simplified the process. However to book the moving for your next moving you should make sure that you get aware of the different moving estimates.

Umzugsfirma Basel

Non-binding estimates

The notion-binding estimates provideapproximate quoteslooking at the items and making a quote. It does not provide writing in stone that would not be erased later. This is usually not recommended as if the weight exceeds the approximate then according to the law you are liable to impose an additional charge which can rise as high a 10 percent. This could be used to trick you to capture more cash.

Binding Estimate

This estimate provides a binding calculation where you have the pay the amount predetermined. This, however, is better than the non-binding estimate. If the weight is higher than the one estimated then you are at profit but in case you are moving is much less than the one calculated then you have to pay extra than the actual cost.

If you are worried if the mover would overcharge you then it can be resolved by having quotes from different movers. This would provide you with different varieties of option and you can choose the ones that are the least expensive.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

This is considered to be the best and the most popular estimate available. The reason for its popularity is the fact then you are at advantage anyhow. It is a combination of the non-binding estimate and the binding estimate. This is the most cost-effective. The reason for that is that once the estimate is made if the weight of the package increases then you sure not charges extra. However, if the weight is reduced than the estimate then you have to pay according to the reduced fare.


The estimatesare an importantconcept if you are into moving. If you are not aware of it then you are sure to be fooled by the movers.