Types of doorbells

In early days doorbells were used only for the cause to call people come out an alternate way of knocking the door, whereas nowadays we can find multi-purpose of the doorbells with lots of advancement. People have the facility to continuously monitor the doorway with the camera fixed which can be connected to our smartphone which helps us in taking immediate action if we find anything suspicious in-front of the door though we are not in the house. Advancement in technologies has made us more comfortable such that the drawbacks from our side can be compensated by the devices.

Coming back to the doorbell security, we can find many types of doorbells with different features and prices of our comforts which are listed below,

  • Ring video doorbell- This kind of doorbells are capable of sensing the motion, also the recordings will be directly stored in the cloud and also adding to the above features it has an additional benefit of two-way audio, people from inside the home can talk to the person who is ringing it from out. We also have advanced form the doorbell which was introduced after this model became successful. In the advanced doorbell, we are capable of sharing the video with an enhanced form of motion detection.
  • Wi-fi enabled video doorbell- This kind of Smart home doorbell are in high demand in the market because of its comforting features. The most common feature of motion sensing is available in this type as well, we are capable of taking a snapshot if needed. An additional benefit of this types is it does not need a battery. We can get this connected to our Android or smartphones to have continuous monitoring. Night vision is also a unique feature that we can find.
  • Zmodo Greet- This is one of the unique types of doorbell which is the most affordable type and used widely in many homes. The reason why most of the people prefer this is installation is very easy also set-up is also easy to understand. Similar to Ring video doorbell this is cloud storage which can be retrieved without much effort or money. This has call alerts which will help us in notifying us through call when there is someone at door ringing bell.
  • Chui face Recognition doorbell- This is one of the advanced types of the doorbell in which we can store the pictures once entered if needed so that next time the person will be recognized and name that we feed in the machine will be automatically called out or informed aloud. This type is very new to the market and we have to make sure to order it earlier. An additional benefit of this type if they have used cutting-edge technology in this doorbell.